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Car Emissions and Global Warming from Union of Concerned Scientists 2. Cars, Trucks, and Air Pollution from Union of Concerned Scientists These articles discuss how automobiles have in general, negatively affected the environment causing climate change/global warming. There is no date written on these articles. However, the updated material shows that they are recent.

  1.  Concept/Theory: Global Warming/Climate Change According to the Miller textbook chapter number one, the definition of Climate Change is: “The upward shift in overall global temperature, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events.”
  2. The Greenhouse Effect “ … the greenhouse effect and is natural and necessary to support life on Earth. However, the buildup of greenhouse gases can change Earth’s climate and result in dangerous effects to human health and welfare and to ecosystems.” (Miller text pg. 7)
  3. Why Automobiles Add to the Buildup of Greenhouse Gases Around the world, a huge percentage of greenhouse gases come from cars. 19 pounds per gallon of heat-trapping emissions comes right out of a car’s tailpipe.. Ways Automobiles Affect Climate Change Almost 1/5 of the pollution in the United States alone comes from cars and trucks Every gallon of gas = around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases
  4. . Ways Automobiles Affect Climate Change Continued Elements harmful to the environment emitted from automobiles: Particulate matter (PM) Hydrocarbons (HC) Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Carbon monoxide (CO) Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Hazardous air pollutants (toxics) Greenhouse gases
  5. . Car Companies: Green or Mean According to, Least and Most Polluting Cars 2014:  Mercedes-Benz Most “green” vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz Smart Electric Drive Convertible/Coupe  Cadillac Most polluting car is the Cadillac Escalade ESV There is not one specific car company that is worse for the environment than another. However, some companies make it a higher priority to create more eco-friendly automobiles.
  6. Have Automobiles Been Causing Less Pollution? Overall, automobiles nowadays are being made with a more eco-friendly ideal in mind. In other words, companies now know that global warming is an issue that is greatly influenced by automobiles.
  7. 11. How Automobiles are One of the Worst Polluters “Cars and trucks produce air pollution throughout their life, including pollution emitted during vehicle operation, refueling, manufacturing, and disposal. Additional emissions are associated with the refining and distribution of vehicle fuel.” (Cars, Trucks, and Air Pollution paragraph 3)
  8. 12. Where The Effects of Climate Change from Automobiles is Felt Climate change is something that is happening worldwide. Some main effects of climate change:  Glaciers have shrunk  Ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier  Plant and animal ranges have shifted  Trees are flowering sooner  Loss of sea ice  Hastened sea level rise  Longer, more intense heat waves
  9.  Are There Any Solutions to Automobiles Causing Climate Change? The answer to this question is YES!
  10.  Looking Forward Unless there is an extreme reverse in the entire automobile industry, cars will continue to be a leading cause of climate change/global warming. For now, people can do simple things to help such as shutting their engine off when they are sitting in the car; anything that burns less gasoline, causing greenhouse gases to be emitted, is helpful for the environment. How can you help decrease car emissions?
  11.  Looking Forward Continued “Major investors have warned the automotive industry it needs to accelerate its readiness for a low-carbon world if it is to retain their support and prosper. Vehicle makers must put climate change specialists on their boards, engage better with policy-makers, and invest more heavily in low- emission cars, says a network of 250 global investors with assets of more than $24tn (£20tn).” (Investors warn car industry over climate change, paragraph 3)
  12.  Helping to Halt Global Warming Buying an automobile which is “fuel- efficient” will lesson the impact that your car has on the environment. The impact is lessened because a “fuel-efficient” car uses less gas which in turn pumps less toxic fumes into the air causing global warming. Fuel-Efficient Toyota Prius
  13.  Helping to Halt Global Warming Continued Another way to help the environment is to use fuels that are more refined than the average gasoline such as fuels made from cellulosic biofuels. Any fuel that produces fewer emissions is more environmentally- friendly, and does not add to global warming significantly.
  14.  Helping to Halt Global Warming Continued “Electric cars and trucks use electricity as fuel, producing fewer emissions than their conventional counterparts. When the electricity comes from renewable sources, all- electric vehicles produce zero emissions to drive.” (Car Emissions and Global Warming, paragraph 7) Electric Car: Chevrolet Bolt
  15.  Can Humans and the Automotive Industry Really Reverse Climate Change? The Miller text says that there is debate about whether or not organizations should go to the extent of classifying themselves as “green companies.” Could doing this truly reverse climate change? However, the textbook encourages organizations to be as friendly to the environment as they possibly can. (Miller text pg. 8)

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