The race to build fully autonomous cars has gone into hyperdrive, with major carmakers such as GM, Daimler, BMW and Audi promising SAE Level 5 autonomous driving by sometime in 2021. Goldman Sachs predicts that robo taxis will grow the ride-hailing and sharing business from $5 billion in revenue todayContinue Reading

Who will be the winners and losers in the revolution that is radically reshaping the marketing, distribution and selling of automobiles? Will the vehicle manufacturers and their franchised-dealer networks be able to overcome years of inertia and complacency to pioneer and execute new concepts that will strengthen and extend theContinue Reading

  Car Emissions and Global Warming from Union of Concerned Scientists 2. Cars, Trucks, and Air Pollution from Union of Concerned Scientists These articles discuss how automobiles have in general, negatively affected the environment causing climate change/global warming. There is no date written on these articles. However, the updated materialContinue Reading