Why to go on road trips?

A bike trip conjures some great images for us all – the best memory being that of freedom. You can fly, take a train or use a bus, and even go in your car, but there is something about riding a bike that has a charm that’s hard to define. The only people who will understand are your best buddies, whom you’ve gone on long trips with. Be it the heights of Khardung-La, or the backwaters of Kerala, a bike trip is the best way to form everlasting bonds with your buddies. If you haven’t done it yet, here are five reasons to go on a bike trip with your best friends. Put your helmets on and read further.


“The perception of biking is not like Hollywood movies present it, with the leather jackets and boots,” says Musafir Nicc, who co-runs a biking group called The Musafirs. He goes on to say, “The bonds formed on bike trips are some of the best moments you can experience. Biking pushes you out of your comfort zone. When two or more people are pushed together the bonding happens naturally.”

Epic Adventure

If you want to go on a nature trail, you need to explore places where the crowd doesn’t go. This inevitably means places where public transport cannot reach easily. Enter bikes and biking groups, which make the journey easier. Some of the epic trips you can undertake on a bike in India include driving from Delhi to Kargil and beyond, from Mumbai down the coast to Kerala through the Western Ghats, and that ultimate trip – biking from India to Thailand via Myanmar. After all, if bike trips don’t scream epic, what’s the point of sharing it with your buddies?

Special Time

Regular riders call biking an experience akin to meditation. The freedom of the never-ending road, the wind on your face and your quotidian life left behind; a bike trip is the modern day equivalent of going nomadic. Sharing this with a group of friends will ensure you have something to talk about even as the years go by and your daily life engulfs you. “People who ride together call themselves oil brothers – their take on blood brothers,” Nicc says.

Stay Frugally

Your bike can only carry so much. You might be tempted to pack as much as possible for your trip but eventually you will realise that carrying stuff diminishes the overall experience that a bike trip represents. You will learn to pack less, share more and form bonds with your friends over not just pictures, but also things you share.

Learn Life Skills

If you are geographically-challenged, then a bike trip will force you to read maps correctly. If you are a poor photographer, you will learn how to take the best shots. If you don’t know the mechanics of your bike, a flat tire will set you right. The list goes on. A bike trip is much more than the journey itself. Learning from your buddies on your adventure will be a topic that you will never get tired of talking about.

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